Year-End Solar Generator
Inventory Clearance Sale
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If you've ever wanted to simply flip a switch to get your power back on... this will be the most important email you have ever received.

Here's why:

With icy winter storms creating power outages across the country, there's never been a better time to have a solar powered back-up generator in place.

And, there’s never been a better time to purchase one. Why? Because...

You Can Get Huge Discounts By Taking Advantage Of Our "Year-End Inventory Reduction Sale"

Why a year-end sale to reduce inventory? The answer is simple:

Our Tax System Is Insane!

Nearly every American realizes that our tax system is a train wreck and only getting worse.

In fact, here are some startling facts about it that will blow your mind...

Startling Fact #1: The U.S. tax code is now 4 million words long.  As a reference, this is seven times the length of Tolstoy’s War and Peace.

Startling Fact #2: The National Taxpayers Union says U.S. taxpayers spend more than 8 billion hours complying with federal tax requirements... and... the IRS currently has 1,999 different publications, forms, and instruction sheets available for download from their website.

Startling Fact #3: The instructions for filling out and filing Form 1040 has grown from two pages long 75 years ago, to 189 pages today.

Startling Fact #4: Since 2001 there have been over 5000 changes to the tax code. 5000!

Startling Fact #5: Today, according to The Tax Foundation, the average American reaches “Tax Freedom Day” on April 17th... versus... January 22nd back in 1900. That means you now have to work more than 1/4th the year just to pay federal, state and local taxes. Or, in other words...

On Average, You Basically Don’t Earn
Any Money For The First 111 Days
You Work Each Year!

Let me tell you something... the Founders never intended for a tax system to strangle the people. Heck, as you read above, the average person spends a good part of the year working just to pay their taxes.

On top of all this, if you own a business like I do... the party has just begun. For example: I have to pay taxes (again) on any and all inventory left in my warehouse at the end of the year.

That being the case, I would much rather cut you a great deal and not put more money into the hands of the tax men.

So, I created a “Year-End Inventory Reduction Sale” that really is a win-win deal. Here are two reasons why:

Reason Number One: By purchasing a solar generator before the end of the year, you will help me avoid being taxed yet again on my inventory.
Reason Number One: By purchasing a solar generator before the end of the year, you will help me avoid being taxed yet again on my inventory.

Reason Number Two: For your help--and as a way of saying “thank you”--I’m going to knock more than half-off the regular price of your solar generator... and... give you some pretty amazing off-the-grid bonuses too. (Over $600 worth in fact!)

But, there is one small--but reasonable--catch:

I don't know how many Blaze “hotlist members” will want to take advantage of this offer. So, I have to put a time limit on the offer simply because I don't want to sell more units than we have in stock.

And I think it’s fair to tell you that if we don’t sell them all to our Off The Grid hotlist members, we’ll have no choice but to sell the balance to the general public with some TV ads.

That means the initial and exclusive "Blaze Readers Only" sale will end...

Tuesday Night December 30 At Midnight!

Don't miss this opportunity: All the details are on the new website which is devoted exclusively to the "year-end" sale.

The website doesn't have a lengthy video or long explanations. Just a few pictures of the stuff you'll be getting free as well as the discounted price and a buy button. That's it.

All kidding aside, we really need to change the tax system. Small businesses (the lifeblood of our country) are being crushed... while... at the same time, big businesses pay little if any taxes whatsoever. Especially if they have friends in D.C. Not fair. Not fair at all.

For Energy Freedom and Lower Taxes,
Bill's Signature.jpg
Bill Heid
President, Solutions From Science

P.S. I really think it's time Americans thought about the true meaning of independence once again! With the grid going down so often (London Airport and even Washington D.C. just a few days ago), producing your own free electricity from the sun is a great way to start becoming a lot more independent.

P.P.S. Important: To sweeten the deal even more for Blaze readers, I've included exciting "never-before-offered" bonuses. Check them out at...

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PowerSource 1800

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Pocket Power Plus

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Hot Water Rocket

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Survival Seed Bank

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My Personal Defender
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